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A Rallying Cry

Take only pictures, leave only footprints’ is broken
An ethos that asks us to minimize our impact on the outdoors
Ignores the carbon footprint we leave on our way to the trail
Outdoor adventurists buy gear to enrich their outdoor experience
Yet American consumer habits are loaded with impacts that degrade it
From our easy come-easy go, disposable lifestyle
To the eager embrace of the latest gear and apparel trends
That exhausts natural resources
And impacts landscapes beyond the factory
The outdoor industry can again lead the way with a more conscious consumption approach
That leverages and extends the natural lifecycle of our gear
To keep gear out of landfills
And keep people in the outdoors
An online re-commerce exchange amongst outdoor enthusiasts, outdoor brands, and outdoor stores.
Of pre-owned, reusable, returned, repaired, and quality outdoor gear
We call it UnNew Outdoor
Where adventurists buy and sell the gear we love for the outdoors we need.