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The more you know,

The less you new.

GT: Homemade Energy Bars

by Beth Lopez    |    Aug 30, 2022    |    UnNew

Here are a few tips if you want to embark into the wonderful world of homemade trail bars. If you can muck through the learning curve and a bit of trial and error, you can land on incredibly fun and f...

Send everything! (Except these.) 

by Beth Lopez    |    Aug 11, 2022    |    UnNew

While we can list almost any kind of gently-used outdoor gear for consignment, from climbing shoes to camp chairs, there are a handful of items we just can’t take. When we receive items we can’t sell,...

Plastic Free July

by TJ Parsons    |    Jul 14, 2022    |    UnNew

GT writer TJ Parsons wanted to learn more about plastic free July and what that entailed. Read below for his adventures as he committed to being plastic free for one week.

Getting UnNew Gear(s) for Your Ride

by Jackie Baker    |    Jun 07, 2022    |    UnNew

When buying used bike parts, details matter. You don't need to be a pro mechanic to buy used gear, but you may need some wrenching skills or the aid of a trusty local bike shop to install them.

Get More for Your UnNew Gear: Ship It Safely

by Jackie Baker    |    May 12, 2022    |    UnNew

How do you pick which vessel is best for your gear, and how do you ensure its security? Here are a few pointers for ensuring your gear arrives at Geartrade safely, and that your package takes up minim...

Geartrade Consignment Report, Earth Month Edition

by Beth Lopez    |    Apr 18, 2022    |    UnNew

We don’t want to boast, but Earth Month is kind of our season. So this edition of our consignment report is a little more of a hip-hip-hooray. We’re looking back at the past year and tallying all the...

Why Was My Gear Rejected?

by Jackie Baker    |    Mar 24, 2022    |    UnNew

We love it when you consign your well-loved gear, because we know there’s an UnNew community member out there waiting to give it a loving home. However, if gear has been too well used or doesn’t fall...

Your Gear Is Here! Now What?

by Jackie Baker    |    Mar 07, 2022    |    UnNew

You requested a box, bag, or label, packed up your gear, and sent it over to us! Woohoo! What happens now? Our talented consignment intake team takes the following steps with each piece of gear in you...

Announcing Store Credit For Geartrade Earnings

by admin    |    Feb 08, 2022    |    UnNew

We’ve heard from a lot of you asking for a couple of things: first, if store credit could be an option for your Geartrade earnings, and second, if the payout process could be simplified in batches. An...