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The Wonderland Trail

by Kalie Lovell    |    Sep 27, 2022    |    News

Explore the Wonderland Trail with Geartrade Community and Social Manager Kalie Lovell. She shares her tips on what to pack, and where to go to make the most of this beautiful trail in Mt. Rainier Nati...

Geartrade x Stio

by Beth Lopez    |    Sep 20, 2022    |    News

If you’ll forgive the pun, Stio clothes are a perfect fit for Geartrade—not only do they place a big focus on their footprint, but they also design and develop every item from their home base in Jacks...

The 2022 Utah Avalanche Center Backcountry Benefit party

by Beth Lopez    |    Aug 23, 2022    |    News

Thanks to the Utah Avalanche Center, we not only know where to safely tour but where the best snow will be—what people are seeing out on the skintrack, where the soft, stable good stuff was found, and...

GT: Fire Safety Skills

by Kalie Lovell    |    Aug 02, 2022    |    News

It’s campfire season out there folks! Which means s’mores, roasted weenies, & preventing wildfires! We all love to have fun on camping trips with friends, but it’s important to brush up on your fire p...

Clear The Air Challenge

by Kalie Lovell    |    Jul 07, 2022    |    News

This month in Utah (the home of Geartrade), the TravelWise Clear the Air Challenge is in full swing. No matter your home base, this is a challenge we can all be a part of. Below are our tips and trick...

This Weekend, We Donate 5%

by admin    |    Jun 30, 2022    |    News

To us, equal rights aren’t a political stance.
 GT will donate 5% of sales this weekend to The Center for Reproductive Rights, Planned Parenthood, The League of Women Voters, and SheJumps.

International Climbing Festival 2022

by admin    |    Jun 21, 2022    |    News

Geartrade is proud to sponsor the International Climbers' Festival. From the signature Limestone Rodeo to clinics focused on transitioning from gym to crag and from sport to trad, this year’s festival...

GT- Dirty Deeds: Why Trail Volunteering is Awesome

by TJ Parsons    |    Jun 02, 2022    |    News

Never been to a trail work day before, and not sure what to expect? We’ve got you covered, with some helpful tips on how to get involved, what to bring, and how to have a great day volunteering.

Trans Visibility Day: Celebrating the people making the planet a better place for our trans friends

by Emma Athena    |    Mar 31, 2022    |    News

Here are six outdoorists and environmental activists making the planet a better place for trans people. Follow them on social media and support their work and organizations.