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Our Winter Gear Highlight: Time-Tested Brands, UnNew and Ready for You

Winter sport lovers, our moment is here! The snow is beginning to gently cover the slopes we hold dear, the temps are dropping, the winter sun shines low but bright, and it’s time to bust out our winter gear and get outside. Whether resort skiing, backcountry skiing, winter mountaineering, snowshoeing, or winter trail running is your thing, we’ve got a vast array of excellent UnNew gear here on Geartrade that’s ready and waiting to join your cold-weather adventures.

So dust off the gear in your winter closet, make an assessment of what you’ll need (and what you don’t, because you can sell it on Geartrade, too), and get to browsing!

Here, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite winter brands for which we just happen to have a great selection of items in stock.

SCOTT Outerwear, Helmets, Goggles, and Skis
With over sixty years of history developing cool new solutions for outdoor gear (starting with the first-ever aluminum ski pole, which replaced bamboo and steel poles back in 1958) SCOTT has a knack for constantly innovating and fine-tuning. Now with a new global headquarters in Switzerland, SCOTT continues to push the boundaries in technology for everything from bike suspension to ski helmet padding.

At this very moment on Geartrade, we’re lucky enough to have a wide array of winter-ready SCOTT items ranging from bib ski pants to goggles to merino long-johns. Some of these items have already been out partying on the mountain trails and are ready for their next adventure with you, and some items are shiny-new right out of the box. Have a look at top-notch clothing and accessories to round out your winter sports kit.

SCOTT on Geartrade >

Dynafit Ski Touring Boots, Lightweight Skis, and Outerwear
Dynafit has pioneered the sport of fast and light ski touring and ski mountaineering. With a history dating back to the 1950s, the brand was responsible for the first ski boots with buckles and countless design innovations from there in ski boots, the first “tech” boot/binding combination (the Tourlite Tech, changing the game in the early ‘90s), light skis, and outerwear. Every detail is designed for people who move fast and light in the mountains, from their jackets with strategic insulation where you need it and breathable panels elsewhere, to their latest featherlight ski touring binding, weighing in at an insane 105 grams.

You can shop much of these technological wonders now on Geartrade, either gently used or fresh from retailers’ oversupply pile. Explore their high-tech boots, lighter-than-light skis, and outerwear that’s so adaptable you can spend less time futzing with your layers and more time crushing mileage on the mountain.

Dynafit on Geartrade >

Salewa Winter Boots and Cold-Weather Layers
With a storied history based in the Dolomite mountains, Salewa was behind early innovations in alpine backpack design, mountain footwear, ice screws, adjustable crampons, and even a best-selling ski pole made from hazelnut tree wood back in the 1940s. The brand continues strong and as innovative as ever in its clothing and footwear technology, testing every product on the demanding slopes of the Dolomites and refining for excellence.

We’re lucky enough at Geartrade to have a wide range of Salewa’s summer and winter hiking boots, technical mountaineering boots, and trail running shoes for every possible temperature and conditions, plus outerwear designed for people on the move in the mountains. Some of it’s gently used UnNew, and some of it’s right in the original box just waiting for you to take it out for adventures.

Salewa on Geartrade >

Suncloud Sunglasses
Suncloud Optics have been popular with outdoor folk for decades, as the brand was established by the optics pros at Smith, and these sunglasses boast many of the same technologies at a more affordable price. They offer shades for a variety of face shapes and sizes, in both metal alloy fashion-forward frames and injection-molded Grilamid nylon that stands up to rough-and-tumble adventures in the mountains. Most frames boast megol nose pads that grip your skin even when you work up a sweat, so you can bust a move on the skintrack or snowshoe trail knowing your shades will stay in place.

On top of that, we’re fortunate to have an exclusive selection of Suncloud sunglasses on Geartrade right at the moment, nearly all of which are fresh out of the box, unworn and ready for you to give ‘em some love.

Suncloud on Geartrade >

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