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We love DPS skis, because we love fun 

If you’ve browsed the skis for sale here on Geartrade anytime lately, you’ve probably seen a boatload of DPS skis—and that’s not by accident. A locally-born, Salt-Lake-City-manufactured ski brand developed and tested by folks who shred the exact same Wasatch slopes we love, DPS sets a high bar for innovation in ski design.

DPS has earned its reputation among the backcountry and inbounds skier crowds alike by daring to think pretty darn far out of the box. Unafraid to test bold ideas that have never occurred to ski manufacturers who are more beholden to tradition, DPS goes all-in on testing and perfecting their wildest ideas. They tinker, shred, and fine-tune some more … until each design sticks the landing.

Here are a few reasons we’re such fans—and why you just might find their UnNew availability here on Geartrade just about as exciting as we do.

When the next crazy idea is the best crazy idea

Skiing is a pretty old sport, but every once in a while, a big design evolution shakes things up. The founders of DPS were behind a few of the craziest (and coolest) progressions we’ve seen in ski design over the last couple decades. They were behind wildly out-of-the-box designs like the DB Tabla Rasa and Volant Spatula before even founding DPS. Then they went bananas with the introduction of the first powder pintail, the first use of “rocker” shape in skiing (it was previously a surfing thing), a better way to use ultralight carbon in ski construction, and the first convex three-dimensional shoveled ski with radical edge bevel.

If you know what these innovations meant at the time, you know. But even if you don’t, the takeaway is that these folks weren’t afraid to test the physics of how to make skiing better and better and better with fresh tweaks and different thinking.

DPS more recently turned its attention to rethinking ski wax. Typically, ski wax is applied to skis, then it only makes a difference for a set number of runs before the glide wears off. So DPS developed a whole new way to approach wax, inventing a single-time application called Phantom. Phantom wax has a special application process, but once it sinks into your ski bases, they’re forever changed for good—and, in theory at least, will forever glide like they’re freshly waxed. The process hinges on science we can hardly understand, but we love the idea of skipping the typical environmentally gross ski wax in favor of a single-application process.

Classics that broke the mold, then stood the test of time 

Over the years, DPS has built a line of genre-defying skis that gave ski lovers a whole new set of tools to see what they could accomplish. The Wailer model was remarkably adept at literally anything from powder to crud to groomer-soaring. The Lotus reimagined the concept of a deep snow ski, capable of cruising at lightning speeds down slopes as steep as they were deep.

Today’s latest models only continue the tradition of boldly progressing the sport we all love. Their latest Pagoda touring ski is light as a feather but assertive in its shred style—a coveted and hard-to-attain balance.

Applying their creativity to their sustainability solutions

Being deeply committed to sustainability ourselves at Geartrade, DPS’ sustainability initiatives matter to us as their partners. They’ve taken massive steps toward reducing their own carbon footprint. To start with, they make their skis as durable as possible, so they last for more ski days while staying fresh and responsive. That’s a great step one.

Beyond that, they’re measuring their carbon footprint each year, tallying the impact of everything from materials to energy and water use. They’ve sought out more eco-friendly materials, and in true DPS spirit, they’re unafraid to try new things—like a 63% bio-content Algal Wall sidewall for their skis.

They’ve worked to reduce their manufacturing waste and recycle wherever possible, resulting in significant waste reductions for materials like wood, topsheets, and bases. They’re even using industrially compostable shrink wrap for their finished skis.

We love to see it, and their sustainability efforts have made us even bigger fans of a ski brand we’re proud to feature so heavily on our site. We help take inventory like tradeshow samples, oversupply, demo skis, etc. off their hands, and we also see a healthy market of DIY listers posting and buying DPS skis on Geartrade. The skis shred for far more than a season, and it’s great to see them out there, hitting the skin tracks and lifts for long after their initial use.

Browse DPS here on Geartrade now up to 80 % off—and see you out there.

Beth Lopez is a seasoned writer and creative director who loves to tell tales of adventure and discovery—and finds writing a powerful way to give a voice to people, causes, and places. Beth runs amok in the Wasatch mountains when untethered from her computer. She believes there’s no such thing as a bad ski day and considers animals her favorite people. Don’t tell her mother about her Instagram mountaineering photos.

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