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Top essential UnNew Outdoor™ gear for Fall

After a toasty-hot summer, you can’t blame outdoor folk for being really excited for autumn. It means we can do all the sports we love and actually feel comfortable. Suddenly, logging high-mileage trail runs, tackling multi-day backpacks, and lapping your favorite singletrack sounds just extra fabulous. As you envision the crisp-air fun you’ll have, you’re probably also thinking about the gear you’d like to do it with.

Trust us. We’ve got it: all the super-fluffy fleeces and camp cookware your heart could desire. Just add dehydrated pumpkin spice latte mix (and maybe a six-pack of pale ale).

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Hiking gear: fleece up. 

One of the first things we think of when it comes to fall hiking is a nice plush fleece. We’ve got them in spades, and you can choose what thickness, size, and zip style works for you. It’s also a great time to assess your hiking footwear after the long hot summer: is it time to consider a fresh set of grippy, lightweight shoes from Merrell, La Sportiva, Salomon, or Vasque?

Fall also signals the turn from hiking shorts to hiking pants. Whether you choose a soft pair of tights or an abrasion-resistant pair of pants, we typically have tons to choose from. (Including the nice, insulated kind that help you stay motivated on a windy November day.)

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Trail running: this is your moment. 

This is a good time to assess your running shoes’ wear and tear. The general rule of thumb is to replace your trail running shoes after a few hundred miles of running. Fortunately, there are plenty of barely used trail running shoes available now … and if you’ve recently bought a pair that just didn’t fit your feet right, you can list them for sale and let them find the right owner.

You should also consider a good trail running vest or waist pack to eliminate the annoying bounce from your hydration carry system. And think about layering—you’re likely to get toasty-hot on the way up, but ridgelines and downhills can suddenly get super chilly this time of year. A good windshirt (a super lightweight, packable jacket) can make the difference between too cold and just right, and a light pair of fleece gloves can take the chill out of the downhill.

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Camping & Backpacking: bundle up and bust a move.

Camping and autumn go together like summits and microbrews. This is your moment to stock up on a good campfire puffy jacket, a warmer rated sleeping bag, and some nice zip-up long sleeved shirts for trail time.

Then, scope the backpacks currently on Geartrade and start dreaming of higher places and longer distances. You can snag an ultra lightweight multi-day pack that eases the burden of long hauls … and leaves you ready for more mileage.

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Mountain biking: crank a little harder, ride a little farther.

As the leaves turn golden, the air cools, and the trails turn nice and tacky, this is the perfect time to contemplate the little ways to improve your daily getup. Perhaps an UnNew pair of bike shoes, a better hydration pack, or a couple of lighter components would revolutionize your daily biking experience. Our vote: go for it.

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Climbing: don’t sweat it. 

Now that the harsh sun is easing up, your favorite walls are finally comfortable for full-day outings. So go ahead and treat yo’self to a better climbing pack (you know how much better the approach hike is with a good rope-carry system), a few handy slings, or a good crash pad.

Take the chance to round out your gear arsenal: snag the in-between-sized cam to round out your rack. Upgrade your helmet to something light and breathable. Throw down for a rope bag that makes sport sessions easy-peasy to pack for.

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Whoever you are and whatever you love, this is a good season. The weather is on board. Run with it.

Beth LopezBeth Lopez is a seasoned writer and creative director who loves to tell tales of adventure and discovery—and finds writing a powerful way to give a voice to people, causes, and places. Beth runs amok in the Wasatch mountains when untethered from her computer. She believes there’s no such thing as a bad ski day and considers animals her favorite people. Don’t tell her mother about her Instagram mountaineering photos.