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Your climbing rope is your life line. You trust it with your life, so understanding your equipment is paramount.

These steps will help you take care of your rope and make
sure you get the most life out of it.

Keep your rope clean
When dirt gets into your rope it can cause abrasion inside of the rope.  This
shortens the life of your rope. Remember to avoid standing or stepping on your
rope while belaying. This can push dirt into the rope. When climbing use a rope bag that opens into a
tarp to avoid getting dirt inside the rope. You can always wash your
rope but it is best to try and avoid getting it dirty.

Rappel Off Your Rope
When running your rope through your equipment it can cause your rope to heat up.
Most people hurry to get their device off the rope, but often forget all the gear up on the
wall that your rope is running through. One way to help, is to rappel off your rope
at the top when you come down.

Keeping your rope dry is key. Some ropes can handle it better
than others, but most ropes can lose up to 30% of it strength when it gets wet.
Taking care of your rope and your climbing gear can help your gear last longer, keep you safe and save you money.

Climb on!