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At some point in time, everyone has a problem staking their tent to the ground. Sometimes it is the loose, sandy, soil that doesn't allow the stakes to grab hold. It could be that the ground is too hard or rocky and the stakes won't penetrate it. In my case, I usually forget to bring the stakes or leave them home to save weight if I am backpacking. If you find yourself in this situation, never fear there is an easy way to make do.

1. Use the stringers that are usually attached to the rainfly of the tent. Or take a couple feet of parachute cord or 2mm cord.
2. If you are using the rainfly stringers, wrap the ends around some heavy rocks and pull them taught. If it is in sand, you can bury the rocks for extra anchorage. If you are in sand, you can also use a stick and then bury it.
3. Repeat this for every anchor point on your tent and rainfly. When all of these are anchored, the tent will remain stable even in strong winds