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Mammut Manifesto

Made For The Mountains: A Mammut highlight

People who plan ahead for any possibility tend to be the people who succeed—and survive—in the mountains. And Mammut is just the kind of brand to do that planning ahead. They have a unique (oh so Swiss) ability to consider any potentiality and engineer a solution for it ahead of time. They build those details into every piece of clothing, every pack, every beacon.

As planners ourselves, we know how much it matters to stay dry, to keep one’s core at the right temperature, to have the lightest yet most full-featured clothing possible. In the mountains, grams count and the seconds saved add up to safety gained.

We like Mammut’s mindset about mountain travel—and we’re beyond stoked to be partnering with them to get more UnNew Mammut goods up on Geartrade this winter. To get y’all as amped up as we are, we wanted to highlight a few reasons we’re so pumped on what they’re up to.

Navy Blue Mammut Transmission Hybrid Pro Jacket - Men's

The most meticulous attention to detail 

It’s amazing how nice it feels to have things go right in the mountains. To skip the little discomforts and friction points that drag you down over the course of a day and distract you from the decision-making at hand.

That’s where Mammut makes its name. It’s in the two-way zippers on their winter jackets that let you access your climbing harness loop without unzipping your whole front. It’s in the laser-sealed seams holding insulation in the exact right places within their puffy layers. It’s in the antimicrobial fabric treatment making their base layers less susceptible to stink. It’s in the lacing system that lets you adjust the upper part of your mountaineering boots independently from the lower part for just the right fit and footwork control.

Every panel of every item is shaped for its intended range of motion. Any handy detail possible is added without hampering wearers down with undue weight.

And it’s not just designed for full-gnar alpine mountaineering (although, obviously, they’re The Thing to wear on, say, the Eiger). Mammut makes fabulous, well-thought-out attire for a casual ramble on a summer trail on your way for a beer at a mid-mountain refuge in the Dolomites. (Or, of course, on your hometown trail system.)

Mammut 160 Years Seon Transporter 25 pack

Sustainability: doing things right, for the right reasons

But of course, there’s one thing we prize even more highly than smart design, and that’s sustainability. If we fry our planet, all the high-tech laser-seam-sealed jackets in the world won’t help.

That’s why we’re so pleased to see just how seriously Mammut takes its carbon footprint, as well as ethical sourcing and fair labor. They’ve publicly committed to net-zero emissions by 2025 or sooner. And at the blistering pace they’re moving forward (as they tend to with everything, from mountain travel to emissions-slashing), we wouldn’t be surprised if they substantially beat the goal.

Their Close the Loop project, for example, turns old mountaineering and climbing ropes into t-shirts by turning the rope materials into a regenerated nylon yarn. They use PFC-free water repellent coatings (keeping awful PFC chemicals out of the factories and out of the environment). They adhere to animal welfare standards regarding the sourcing of leather and down. They use recycled and organic materials whenever possible. They even use a clever dye process called Solution Dye that cuts water consumption, energy use, and chemicals. And they work with an organization called Fair Wear, which is helping to improve working conditions in the textile industry.

Women's Mammut Runbold Hoodie

A partnership made in UnNew heaven 

Obviously there’s plenty to be stoked about when it comes to Mammut’s goods, so we’re delighted to be featuring tons of their outerwear, insulating layers, baselayers, boots, packs, and more on Geartrade right now. Many of the items are very gently used (such as samples) and others are practically new.

If you’ve needed an exceptional pair of bib shell pants for skiing, a fabulously light pair of mountaineering boots, a near-weightless climbing helmet, or brilliantly featured ski touring pack … now is the time. Snap up some Swiss engineering, and take it for a spin on your local trails and far, far beyond.

Of course, please tag us when you sport your UnNew Mammut threads. We love seeing this stuff out in the world—serving its purpose, staying out of the landfill.

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