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Back to School with Geartrade!

Back to school already!? There’s nothing you can say to make us believe that the summer is already coming to a close! As sad as we are that the weeklong camping trips, day-camps, & hours at the pool are coming to an end, it doesn’t mean that we’re done delighting you with awesome UnNew items until ski & snow season!

From backpacks and hats, to shirts, pants, & light jackets for the kiddos, we’ve got you covered! (& by kiddos we also mean all you college students, teachers, and parents!)

Photo by Elijah M. Henderson on Unsplash

Backpacks & Bags

As a kid, I got a new backpack every year when school started & I have no idea what my parents did with them at the end of each year. Once I got older, I started learning what I loved about my backpacks & the backpack that I had the longest was my trusty Marmot. I snagged it before I started my freshman year in college & have had it ever since. Naturally, it turned into my go-to daypack for hiking. Each pocket developed it’s dedicated job for me. 8 years later, I’m only just now moving on from it! (Look out for it on Geartrade soon!)

The point of the story is that a good school backpack can go a long way! Maybe the days of a new one each year are over, if you can find the right one! So look no further than Geartrade’s daypack and travel pack categories! 

Water bladder sleeves can easily be used as laptop sleeves!  & Water bottle pockets & front snack pockets will keep your kiddo hopefully somewhat organized! Designating specific spots can keep from a rotting banana from last week’s snack time from oozing all over the Math homework you found on the counter that is due tomorrow!

While Geartrade doesn’t carry ball sports-specific gear, bags of all sorts can be found on the site. Even if you or your child is a ball-sport kind of person, duffel bags, small backpacking packs & technical daypacks can provide ample room for all the gear necessary for the activities you all enjoy!

Convertible Pants, Graphic Tees, & Jackets, Oh My!

Hiking pants, especially the zip off kind can be a life-saver as we move into Fall where the mornings have a chill and the afternoons come with heat waves! Snag a few pairs of convertible pants for all day comfort for the kiddos. There’s never a better time to show your pals a magic trick than when the bus ride or walk home is getting a bit too toasty!

Nature-focused graphic tees are another hot ticket on Geartrade this season! Thankfully Jack Wolfskin & Stio have provided some awesome UnNew arrivals for Geartrade to showcase on their site. But since we all know we want to hold onto Summer a tad bit longer, check out the tanks O’Neill sent our way… you never know what the weather will hold!

On that same note, It may feel too soon to think about jackets, but before you know it, you'll be waking up to slightly frosty grass & you & the kiddos will need a jacket to head out the door. Windbreakers, sweatshirts & the inner or outer piece of 3-in-1 jackets may be the perfect thing for the change of seasons!

While we don’t carry pens and paper, we do carry some sweet apparel & backpacks to get you into the next season in style. This Fall, keep Geartrade at the top of your list to check!

Kalie Lovell: self proclaimed hiker-trash, fiction and non-fiction writer, video content creator, cheese, ramen, and dog lover. As a regular UnNew-repper, she is constantly sharing gear care, maintenance, and repair tips in order to keep her gear in tip top shape for all of her hiking and backpacking adventures. Kalie dreams of an even more accessible, inclusive, and welcoming outdoor industry and wants to share her love of the outdoors with all who are willing to tag along!

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