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Geatrade: Essential UnNew Outdoor™ Gear for Summer

Summer is officially in full swing, and by now, you’ve probably dug through your gear closet to brush off your hydration pack, tent, or camp chair. And, in doing so, you likely came across a few things you could sell off on Geartrade—and come up with a few ideas for what needs to be added to your summer gear quiver. Fortunately, we’re here for you through all of it. As bona-fide gear lovers ourselves, we know what takes your summer season from good to great.

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You probably have a tent already. (If you don’t, boy, we can help.) But the power (and low price) of UnNew Outdoor™ gear means you can expand your tent options and adventure options pretty easily. You can browse for a big, cushy car-camping tent that will fit your whole gang of friends (or just you, your main squeeze, and a cooler full of snacks). You could upgrade to a lighter backpacking tent, which takes a lot of pressure off those ol’ backpack shoulder straps.

You can even go ultra-ultra-light and get a minimalist tarp-style tent or overnight bivvy sack. A bivvy sack in particular is a godsend if you’re stuck overnight by accident—or as part of an ambitious fast-and-light plan. Tent accessories like footprints and pole repair kits are also frequently listed on Geartrade, so you can augment or fix a tent you already have.

Since tents are a pricey big-ticket item when purchased brand-new, you’ll feel better (and have more budget left over) by shopping UnNew.

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This is a perfect time to re-examine your sleep situation—a good night’s rest is the difference between a groggy mountain day and a high-energy day. You may be needlessly toting a super warm sleeping bag on summer adventures, in which case you could get a lightweight summer bag that keeps you more comfortable and weighs less.

We consistently have a good supply of super-warm sleeping bags too—all the way down to zero degrees and cooler. So if you have high-alpine objectives on the docket this summer or fall, now’s the time to get yourself set up for comfort.

Consider your sleeping pad, as well—people often go a really long time without replacing their sleeping pad, and let us tell you: the options have gotten sweet. You can now get an inflatable, comfy sleeping pad that folds down to the size of a water bottle inside your pack. The same goes for camp pillows, too. The inflatable ones pack down super-small, taking up negligible room in your pack but really enhancing your good night’s sleep.

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Raise your hand if you still have the backpack you were using twenty years ago. (Yep, us too.) These big, heavy packs are still great for travel, especially adventure travel, when they’ll probably get beat up in transit. But consider upgrading to a lightweight backpacking pack or daypack for a better day-to-day experience.

Get yourself set up with the right pack for short day hikes, long day hikes, climbs, or trail running. Having a sport-specific pack makes all the difference in keeping gear and clothing neatly organized and accessible. You’ll even frequently find ultralight running vests and waist packs for long trail runs.

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camp chairCamp furniture

Oh, how we love camp furniture. It just brings something out in us—maybe all the good memories we’ve made sitting in camp chairs visiting with friends.

There are tons of camp chairs, tables, and even hammocks on Geartrade just waiting for you to snap ‘em up. The only question is whether you want a super-light backpacking stool, a full-monty reclining camp chair with drink holders, or something in between. And here’s a camp kitchen pro tip: if you’re car camping, absolutely invest in a fold-up camp table. It’s a gazillion times more convenient than trying to balance your stove and plates on rocks or cooking out of the back of your car. Tables were invented thousands of years ago; they remain awesome.

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One of our favorite little-known secrets is that Geartrade typically has a whole slew of sunglasses for sale, and you can filter by brand to view go-to options you’re likely to love. Now’s the perfect time to snag a killer pair of casual shades, running or biking sunglasses, or a vintage-style statement piece. It’s summer. It’s sunny. Go crush it.

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