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Gear Essentials for This Summer

The temps are rising and the sun’s a-blazing … Summer is finally here—and after months of intense world events, warm weather and the great outdoors are surely welcome. The entire Geartrade community is abuzz with anticipation of fresh air, trail time, camp-cooked meals, and quiet moments on the river.

Which means it’s time to sell your unneeded summer gear and stock up on a few new-to-you items that will make the season all the sweeter.

people camping

Camp cooking: Beef up your camp kitchen. 

Sure, you could rely on nothing but dehydrated pre-bagged meals on your next trip, but there’s very little creativity or taste in that. Gear up properly with a lightweight portable cookset, plates, utensils, coffee makers, and coolers—and savor the fruits of your labors.

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person hiking

Hydration packs: Hike, hydrate, repeat. 

Fortunately for hiking and trail running enthusiasts everywhere, hydration packs are made in just about every size and feature set you can imagine: from ultralight running vests to day-hike backpacks and full-size backpacking packs. There are a vast array of UnNew offerings just waiting to keep you well hydrated on the trails, whether you’re hiking, biking, or running.

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person setting up a tent

Camp furniture: Cozy up to the campfire. 

We’re the first to admit it: creature comforts make any camping trip a hundred times more enjoyable. Whether you invest in a good little ultralight sitting stool you can carry on your next overnighter, a hammock for campsite reading and snoozing, or a luxurious car-camping lounge chair … you’ve come to the right place.

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person setting up climbing gear

Climbing helmets and harnesses: Up your game. 

Every smart climber knows that details make a difference. Whether you’re strategizing, shaving grams, or training hard to send a little harder, it helps to have a harness that fits perfectly and a well-ventilated, lightweight helmet that protects you without distracting you.

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person mountain biking

Bike parts and accessories: Get rolling. 

Little improvements go a long way when you’re covering miles on your bike. Something as simple as a better bottle cage, easy-to-use car rack, lighter components, or comfier shoes can be a game-changer. Because when everything works, you can go farther, go harder, and go more often.

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person fly fishing

Waders and boots: Go fish.

Quality waders and comfortable fishing boots make a good fishing day great. And if you have any mountain rivers or streams on your summer trip agenda (and don’t we all), you’ll want a good pair of lightweight, breathable, well-fit waders and a set of sturdy boots.

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When you’re done browsing, go clean out your gear closet and start selling. May the circle of gear life continue.

beth lopezBeth Lopez is a seasoned writer and creative director who loves to tell tales of adventure and discovery—and finds writing a powerful way to give a voice to people, causes, and places. Beth runs amok in the Wasatch mountains when untethered from her computer. She believes there’s no such thing as a bad ski day and considers animals her favorite people. Don’t tell her mother about her Instagram mountaineering photos.