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How to choose the best snowboard binding for you


Your bindings are an integral part of your riding experience. Snowboard bindings transfer your movement directly to the board, so it’s crucial they match your riding style and board.


Park or Freestyle – These are typically a softer flex allowing more room for error and easier landings.

All-Mountain – Most riders are all-mountain riders, as they do a little bit of everything. These bindings have a medium flex for all-purpose use.

Freeride – Think steep slopes, deep powder and challenging terrain. These bindings ride stiff for better response and a quicker energy transfer.


Flex Rating

Based off your snowboard style you should choose a flex rating that suits you. Flex ratings range from 1-10 with 1 being the softest.

Generally speaking 1-2 is soft, 3-5 is medium, 6-8 is stiff, and 9-10 is extremely stiff.


Types of Bindings

Strap-in Bindings: These are the most common type of binding. You will have two straps that cross your ankle and toes and offer plenty of support.

Rear-Entry Bindings (Speed-entry): Very similar to Strap-in bindings these also have the two straps that come across your ankle and toes but on these the high back portion of the binding falls back allowing you to step into the binding without completely undoing the straps. Faster off the tram!


Snowboard Binding to Board Compatibility

Bindings come with different options for mounting and there are a variety of mounting options and hole patterns on snowboards. Most brands have universal discs or provide multiple discs to cover different types of mounting holes. Below is a picture of the different patterns you will find on snowboards.SB_Binding_Board_Compatibility


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