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5 Spring Essentials

Spring has sprung and between cooler mornings/evenings and warmer mid-day cycles, it can be tough to know exactly what you'll need. Today we're running you through our 5 spring essentials for spending time inside or out.


We are starting off strong with the beanie. The best part about this one (and all of the pieces we'll talk about, really.) is that you probably already have one!

Beanies are easy to pack and a cozy choice for when those spring winds push through. But, if a beanie isn't your jam, any hat will do!

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Moving on down, we're talking about sunglasses. Sunglasses are a good call all year round but now that the sun is back out we're bound for hikes, bikes, climbs, and more that require our vision to be top-notch. That's why sunglasses come in clutch.

With various shapes and sizes, there's always something out there for you and whatever you're trying to accomplish.


Quite possibly the quintessential granola person item - the fleece.

Whether it be oversized, pullover, full zip, or vintage, a fleece is one of the best not-too-warm-not-too-cold layering options for the shoulder season.

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Rain Jacket

It wouldn't be Spring without the unexpected showers. That's why tossing a rain jacket in the back of the car or in the bottom of your bag never hurts.

They're lightweight and nowadays come in ultra-packable options. So, really, there's no excuse not to toss it in...unless, of course, you're more of a "get soaked, it's better for the plot" kinda person, then, by all means, keep reading.

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Solid Footwear

This one goes for all year round if you're recreating outdoors (or wearing shoes period), but nothing beats footwear that fits YOU.

This means fits your lifestyle, your comfort needs, and feels good on your body. This will carry greatly from person to person and we recommend trying things on until you find something that works great. We'll warn you now- this will potentially take some trial and error, but it's well worth it in the long run.

For Spring hikes and walks, we suggest something waterproof/water-resistant, too, since this shoulder season can be unpredictable with precipitation.

We'd love to hear what your spring essentials are. Tag us on social media or drop us a line anytime @geartrade on Instagram/Facebook. And, if you've added one of these to your own list, let us know what you're getting out to do this Spring!

We'll catch you next time!