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If you've spent some time in the woods and respect nature, I'm sure you already abide by the "Leave No Trace" principle.  Kudos to you!  Here are a handful of rules you won't come across at any State Park, KOA or wilderness area.  These are the pro tips - The 10 Unspoken Rules of Camping.  Follow them, and you will be a master!


  1. Don't pee in the fire!  Yes, it's important to put your fire out completely, but remember people love to cook over an open flame or throw a dutch oven in the coals. Don't be that person, plus, it smells.

  2. Always bring a roll of duck tape. If you're creative it can fix almost anything and build almost anything.  I've built a raft out of driftwood and ducktape, patched a leaky sleeping pad and made a shoulder strap for a broken backpack. If you can't duck it.....(well you know how it goes)

  3. Turn off your phone. We all have one and many of us can't put them down.  Trust me on this -  you won't regret it.

  4. Bring a guitar. There's a point in the night when your group is huddled around a campfire in silence, reflecting on the release that only nature can bring. Nothing is more relaxing than strumming an old tune.  Bonus points if you know some Willie Nelson.

  5. Bring a bottle & Pass it around.  This pairs well with Rule #4

  6. Bring enough firewood to leave some for the next guest.  Camping Karma 101.  How stoked are you when you show up to a campsite and there's a small pile of firewood? Am I right?

  7. Setup camp upwind from the bathroom. Seems simple, because it is.

  8. Pack out more than you pack in!  Every campsite will have micro-trash leftover from the last group.  Be kind and take the extra five minutes to comb your zone for old trash and pack it out.

  9. Bring a game.  Anything from a glow in the dark frisbee to Cards Against Humanity. These simple pleasures go a long way.

  10. Always Respect the Wild.  Spending time in the woods will reconnect you to nature.  Remember, your love for nature when you get back to the city and carry these basic principles forward in your daily life as much as you can. Enjoy.