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The Gear Closet

The more you know,

The less you new.


by admin    |    Nov 23, 2023    |    Uncategorized

At Geartrade, we're all about giving gear the life it deserves. That means wearing it out on every adventure, repairing it and taking care of it, and when you've outgrown it, or it just doesn't fit in...

GT: September Gear Roundup

by Beth Lopez    |    Aug 31, 2023    |    Gear Closet

After a toasty-hot summer, you can’t blame outdoor folk for being really excited for autumn. It means we can do all the sports we love and actually feel comfortable. As you envision the crisp-air fun...

Belay Devices: Which One To Choose?

by Finola McDonald    |    Aug 22, 2023    |    Gear Closet

There’s no doubt you’ve heard many debacles over belay devices between climbers. And, while there are many ways to belay and more devices then we will touch on here, we’ll be covering the two most com...

Rock Climbing 101

by Annie Fast    |    Aug 17, 2023    |    Gear Closet

Rock climbing continues to be one of the fastest growing sports in the world. And one of the best ways to get started is at the gym. The learning curve can be very quick with climbing, so don’t be sur...

How to Clean Trad Climbing Gear

by Emma Athena    |    Aug 15, 2023    |    Gear Closet

When trad climbing, gear keeps you safe, and to ensure maximum functionality (aka safety), the spring-loaded metal devices known as “cams,” should be regularly inspected and maintained in great condit...

GT: Climbing Knots 101

by Finola McDonald    |    Aug 10, 2023    |    Gear Closet

Knots and climbing go together like no other. Read on for 8 essential knots to know and when to use them.


by Beth Lopez    |    Aug 08, 2023    |    Gear Closet

A few product categories are really shining in the spotlight now. The full heat of the season is on, and we’re all savoring our favorite summer sports. Here are a few of the products we’ve got in abun...

A GT Interview: Talking Fly Fishing With Joseph Bucher

by Finola McDonald    |    Aug 03, 2023    |    Gear Closet

Read on for Joseph's insights for beginner anglers along with some heart-warming tales of his first years learning to fish. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have! 

What to Say: Climbing Edition 

by Finola McDonald    |    Aug 02, 2023    |    Gear Closet

Climbing involves a lot more than just scaling rocks. Assuming you are not climbing alone, it requires communication with your partner that relays critical safety information. Today we’re breaking dow...