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Van Life- Family Van Conversion

by Annie Fast    |    Sep 21, 2021    |    Gear Closet

Geartrade writer Annie Fast and Smithmade Custom Creations converted a 2019 Ram ProMaster 2500 cargo van to accommodate a family of 3 and be more eco-friendly with the use of low VOC materials. Read o...

GT: Fall Gear Roundup

by Beth Lopez    |    Sep 07, 2021    |    Gear Closet

This shift in the seasons marks an excellent time to check in on your gear needs and have a peek at what’s piled up on our physical and digital shelves! Not only do we currently have oodles of good su...

Kids Bikes: The Early Years

by Annie Fast    |    Sep 02, 2021    |    Gear Closet

Kids bikes is a category that has seen so much change in recent years. Bikes are now designed and built for kids as opposed to shrunk down from adult sizes. What that looks like is a much more fun exp...

What’s canyoneering? 

by Beth Lopez    |    Aug 30, 2021    |    Gear Closet

Canyoneering (called “canyoning” in most places outside the U.S.) is a downright delightful activity involving making your way down narrow rock canyons, which may be full of running (or standing) wate...

What’s in my fast-pack?

by Emma Athena    |    Aug 26, 2021    |    Gear Closet

The art of fast-packing is really the art of minimalism in the gear world. It’s backpacking, but with the bare minimum—the idea is the lighter the load, the faster and longer you can go. For those new...

Traveling with Kids to The Beach: All the Gear You Need 

by Annie Fast    |    Aug 19, 2021    |    Gear Closet

Warm waves and beachy weather are calling. For many of us, that means packing up and boarding an airplane to your warm-weather destination. Read on for our tips and tricks for the gear to bring and wh...

GT: How to Clean Tents and Sleeping Bags 

by Beth Lopez    |    Aug 02, 2021    |    Gear Closet

Tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks were born to live the rock’n’roll, rough-and-tumble life of trail adventure. Naturally, they end up covered in dirt, sand, mud, tree sap, spilled sunscreen, sweat,...

Family Kayaking Basics with Emily Jackson 

by Annie Fast    |    Jul 15, 2021    |    Gear Closet

We caught up with World Freestyle Kayak champion Emily Jackson to get her top tips on how to kayak with kids.

Geartrade Gear Roundup: July 

by Beth Lopez    |    Jul 12, 2021    |    Gear Closet

Summer fun is in high gear, and we’re proud to showcase the UnNew, gently-used, surplus, and right-out-of-the-box gear currently hanging out on Geartrade waiting for its new owner—you!