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GT: How to lovingly store your summer gear 

by Beth Lopez    |    Sep 29, 2022    |    Gear Closet

While we always get a wee bit sad at the end of any season, be it summer or winter, but once it’s clear that our biking, climbing, camping, or skiing season is over, we like to methodically go through...

Fall Mountain Bike Layering Guide

by TJ Parsons    |    Sep 22, 2022    |    Gear Closet

When the temperatures drop and the leaves start changing, singletrack season gets its second wind. That’s why we put together this head-to-toe guide to help you find the elusive warm-but-not-too-warm...

How To Plan A Yurt Trip

by Beth Lopez    |    Sep 15, 2022    |    Gear Closet

The seasoned yurt trip planners among us have a few pro tips and process suggestions that can take the headaches and unknowns out of planning. By the time you get to your glorious yurt of choice, ever...

Top 5 Tips for Desert Adventures

by TJ Parsons    |    Sep 06, 2022    |    Gear Closet

While the deserts of the American Southwest are amazing and otherworldly places to explore, they also come with some unique challenges for adventurers of all types. Make sure your next desert trip is...

September Gear Roundup: Head the call of Fall

by Beth Lopez    |    Sep 01, 2022    |    Gear Closet

In between swooshy bike turns down perfect fall singletrack and post-climb tailgate pale ales in the late afternoon light, have a peek at the most in-demand items on Geartrade this month!

Pre-Adventure Gear Inspection

by Beth Lopez    |    Aug 21, 2022    |    Gear Closet

Any mission-critical gear should be inspected before use—especially before a big trip. Turn it into an interesting thought experiment before your next adventure: What pieces of gear are utterly crucia...

GT: How to Prevent & Treat Blisters While Hiking

by TJ Parsons    |    Aug 16, 2022    |    Gear Closet

Nothing can derail an otherwise-awesome day hike or backpacking trip faster than foot problems. Specifically blisters, which are one of the most common injuries for anyone using their feet as their pr...

GT: Mountain Bike Trail Etiquette Quiz

by TJ Parsons    |    Aug 07, 2022    |    Gear Closet

Whether you’re a new rider or a crusty old racer, everybody can use a refresher on trail etiquette once in a while. That’s why we put together this handy quiz, so you can see how your singletrack soci...

GT: Back To School

by Kalie Lovell    |    Aug 05, 2022    |    Gear Closet

Back to school already!? There’s nothing you can say to make us believe that the summer is already coming to a close! From backpacks and hats, to shirts, pants, & light jackets for the kiddos, we’ve g...