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GT: Holiday Shipping Guide 2022

by Beth Lopez    |    Nov 22, 2022    |    News

Newsflash Holiday shipping times are longer. Expect delays similar to last year and the year before that. Combine that with our UnNew November promo event, which all adds up to now is the time to buy...

GT: Fat Biking for Beginners

by TJ Parsons    |    Nov 17, 2022    |    Gear Closet

When winter hits and your local bike trails get buried in snow, fat biking is a fun and challenging way to keep the party going. Here’s what you need to know for your first time out. 

Ever heard of Indemnified Ski Bindings?

by Kalie Lovell    |    Nov 14, 2022    |    UnNew

“Indemnified” does not seem like a word that would inherently go with “ski bindings” but if the concept isn’t on your radar, we’d love to put it on there for you! Read on for our breakdown of what ind...

GT: How To Tackle Pilling

by Kalie Lovell    |    Nov 11, 2022    |    UnNew

If you move around in polyester, you’re probably familiar with pilling. But that doesn’t mean you know what it is. Well, obviously it’s annoying little knobs all over your clothes, but what are they r...

GT - Early Season Survival Guide

by TJ Parsons    |    Nov 08, 2022    |    Gear Closet

After going months without powder turns, early-season stoke can be a powerful force. And while we know you’re itching to get after it, there are a few things to keep in mind for your first days back o...

GT: What’s the deal with personal locator beacons? 

by Beth Lopez    |    Nov 03, 2022    |    Gear Closet

If you’re lucky enough to spend time in the woods, mountains, rivers, or desert, you’re eventually going to have something unlucky happen—even if you were a great planner. When things go wrong, it’s a...

November Gear Roundup 

by Beth Lopez    |    Oct 30, 2022    |    Gear Closet

It’s here, folks—November. We can’t believe it either. The start of ski season, the wind-down of bike season, the switch to frosty morning runs and pumpy evenings at the climbing gym. It’s time to tak...

We're Moving

by admin    |    Oct 27, 2022    |    UnNew

Thanks to your support and the tremendous growth and interest in our consignment program we are moving to a bigger warehouse. We couldn't do this without you.

Bike Trainer Breakdown

by TJ Parsons    |    Oct 25, 2022    |    Gear Closet

Indoor bike training isn’t just for Lycra-clad racers any more. Check out our breakdown of different types of bike trainers and their key features, to see which style is best for you.