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Retailers and GearTrade

The Internet is revolutionizing every industry. is leading this change in the outdoor industry by building the largest network of outdoor specialty retailers in the world. GearTrade has built an online community of outdoor adventure enthusiasts through the creation of our online gear swap. The gear swap primarily features retailer closeouts and person-to-person used gear.

By combining this network of outdoor specialty retailers with our online community of outdoor enthusiasts, GearTrade is committed to helping local shops compete and take advantage of the Internet. Outdoor specialty retailers who join the GearTrade network can be certain that they will move to the forefront of the Internet revolution, gain competitive advantage, and provide leading technology to their customers.


Closeout, overstock, and out-of-season gear can be listed, managed, and sold on GearTrade. We provide access to a nationwide customer base, which in turn allows retailers to sell closeout gear more quickly, turn inventory, and generate cash flow. This ability to better manage and control inventory will be essential in order for outdoor specialty retailers to survive in the new economy.


GearTrade would like the opportunity to sponsor your shop's local gear swap on our web site. Through our local retailer swap sponsorship program, we give you a dedicated page on our site that your swap participant can use to obtain special discounts, view your closeout gear, read about your store's special events and sales, and link to your website. To see an example click here


  1. Fixed Pricing. You set the price so you can preserve your margins. There is no bidding.
  2. No Fees. GearTrade does not charge a listing fee or an escrow fee for selling gear. We also take the hit on the credit card.
  3. Customer Support. We monitor the transaction and directly handle all customer concerns.
  4. Payment. We take payment from the buyer guaranteeing that the seller will receive payment, minus GearTrade's 13% sales commission.
  5. Dedicated Site. GearTrade is dedicated solely to outdoor sports. Users browsing our site are outdoor enthusiasts looking to buy quality outdoor gear at great prices.
  6. Brand Control. Quality counts and that's why GearTrade controls the brands on the site. Your Marmot Cwm sleeping bag won't be sold along side a Sesame Street brand sleeping bag, as would be the case on any major auction site.


GearTrade is building an extensive online marketplace through our own website and through our partner websites. Our partners integrate our gear swap technology into their website, instantly making your gear accessible to thousands of other consumers on different sites. For example, say you listed a bike for sale at GearTrade. That same bike would also be seen by thousands of mountain bike enthusiasts at all of our partner sites, including the mountain biking website,


GearTrade's mission is to help retailer's sale their overstock and out-of-season gear. GearTrade does not allow the sale of current season and/or current model year outdoor equipment that is specifically stated under retail contract not to be sold on the Internet. GearTrade does not endorse the sale of gear, which puts a retailer in direct violation of their manufacturer's purchasing contract. By using this site, you agree not to violate your manufacturer agreement(s). If you attempt to sale gear, which knowingly puts you in violation of your purchasing contract, GearTrade will suspend your retail account.


To have a GearTrade Account Executive contact you regarding your participation with GearTrade, please contact us here