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Fast and secure. Best for small packages.


Most reliable. Best for larger, heavier items.


Cheapest method, but does not always provide tracking. Make sure you purchase tracking or delivery confirmation.

Why Sell on GearTrade?

Listing your gear is Free.  If your item does not sell, we don’t charge you.  We handle all the payment processing and customer service.  All you need to do is list and ship your gear - Then we send you a check.  

How do I list an Item?

Follow the 5 easy steps to your left.  We walk you through the process and provide answers along the way.  Simply click on any field for more information.

How do I edit/delete an Item?

Click on “My Account” then click on “Currently Listed Items”. 

How do I get paid?

After you ship your item and update the tracking number in “My Account” we will mail you a check in 1-2 weeks.

What are the fees?

If your item does not sell there are no fees.  If your gear sells, we charge a flat rate of 13%.  For this we collect, verify and process the payment from the buyer.  Unlike other auction sites, we guarantee payment from the buyer.   We also handle all the customer service and advertise your gear. 

What happens when my item sells?

We will send you an email with a shipping address.  Simply ship the item to that address and REMEMBER to get a tracking number.  The tracking number is your protection.  We will send you an email with instructions for entering this tracking number online in your “My Account”.  Once the tracking has been updated, we will send you a check.

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