S-Works Specialized Transition Tri Bike

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Full Dura-Ace components (both brakes, derailleurs, shift levers, cassettes, chain, crankset, bottom bracket), Ultra-light Mavic Cosmic Carbones SL Wheels, Internal cable guides, S-Works FACT carbon aero Transition Speed Zertz fork with threadless steerer, Specialized Transition carbon aero seatpost with Speed Zertz, Sonic Stryke aero bars, Lightweight carbon brake levers.

Bike is fast and will not disappoint you. Minimal use as I only used for races (use road bike for group rides).

MSRP Over $4600

QUESTION: i have a few ?? 1. how old is the bike? what year? 2. approx. how many miles are on it? 3. what condition are the tires in?

ANSWER: 2006. It has about 350 miles on it. I rode it for 2 years of races at about 4 races per year plus a couple rides before each race to get use to it again. I typically road my other bike for group riding. The tires are fine but would swap out for new tires if you want (since the ones on them are great condition I could use either).

QUESTION: what is the weght of bike / frame?

ANSWER: Actually I am not sure. The bike is very light and with most tri bikes the frame is thin wall and thus helps keep the weight off. I also dropped the price to $2800

QUESTION: Is the bike still for sale? What state are you located in?

ANSWER: Yes, we are in lots of snow so it has been doing nothing except looking good and ready for some nice weather.

QUESTION: What state are you located in? I am on Long Island, New York, and if your close I can just come pick it up so you do not have to ship it. Let me know.

ANSWER: I am not too far. I am in Michigan.

QUESTION: Hey is the bike still availeble.....I live in South Jersey would you be willing to meet me half way....

ANSWER: Hi there. Well, I would be willing to take it to a bike shop and have them prof package up and send to you if you like. The bike is in mint condition. Willing to drop $300 if you want to swap the wheels to a nice pair of Roval wheels (if you want to save a few dollars).

QUESTION: I see that you've gotten quite a few inquiries about this bike. Has it sold? I'm very interested...I'll have it shipped to Las Vegas. Thanks for your time.

ANSWER: Yes, I have had some interest but no deals yet. the season is ready and I am not doing tri's anymore due to a neck problem. If you would like I would sell the bike for $2200 with a set of Roval Wheels instead of the Mavics. The bike is worth a lot more and is mint shape. I am at the point I just want to sell it since it is just looking good instead of being ridden. Paul

QUESTION: Sorry - I know everyone keeps asking this question, but there's no way to be sure without asking... is it still available? Also, how tall are you? Does it come with the pedals? Does it have a computer? Thanks for your help.

ANSWER: Hi there. Yes still available but I do have someone I am in contact with that is interested. I am 6' 3" but I am on the high side for the bike size range. I wanted a more aggressive position. No computer and would consider pedals. Paul

QUESTION: SAys 94% off retail just wondering is it really 46K is that pesos? So is the selling price $2800 or $280 and a decimal point error ? Just wondering -- well my wife was

ANSWER: Actually you are the first to notice. I never really paid attention to that percentage calculation. Price was $4500, selling for $2800

QUESTION: Would you be willing to sell just the wheels? I am looking for a set of carbon wheels. Thanks

ANSWER: I would sell the wheels but would not let them go for less than $900 since the wheel look brand new and they are fantastic.

QUESTION: I live in Grand Rapids, MI. Where at in Michigan are you?

ANSWER: I live in Holland Michigan but also work in GR near the airport.

QUESTION: Hi, I'm 6'5" tall. Will this bike be too small for me? Also, would you be willing to meet halfway? I live in Northwest Indiana, about 2 hours from Holland. Thanks! It's a beautiful ride!

ANSWER: The bike would be too small for you if you wanted a real relaxed fit and if you have in inseam like 36-37? If you want an aggressive fit and inseam around 34-35 then you would be ok. I am 6'3" with a 34 inseam and it is no problem for me. Some of my friends ride a bike with the same frame that are taller than me. Paul

QUESTION: Assuming this is an aluminum frame? I too am 6'3, 34" inseam and just did a time trial on a raw madone and now have the itch for a true TT bike. Would you sell without the wheels? I love the wheelset (I run the Ksyrium SLs on my Madone) but if I bought one like this, I'd look to get a rear disc wheel. Not sure about the front though. Best price?

ANSWER: You can call me to discuss 616-994-6164 but I feel I could sell you the bike for $1800 without the wheels but you would have to pay the shipping if you want it shipped. The bike is in great condition. Only ridden once this year. I did have the front derailleur replaced last week because I was moving the bike into another room and while cleaning it up notice the chrome was pealing up on one of the surfaces. Shimano replaced it free of charge since it was still under warranty. The bike has everything you need at a very cheap price. Great deal for you. Paul

QUESTION: My buddy is from Grand Rapids and, coincidentally, is coming to Pittsburgh next weekend... Are the Cosmic Carbon wheels 06 models too? I'd really like to know the weight of this. Even if you could stand on a scale and tell me the difference in your weight, I'd be happy. I'm just trying to decide whether to make the jump to a carbon frame or stick with alum for now. I can't do $2500 though but could make deal if you need to sell in short term. If need to ship, I work for a national shipping company and would arrange to email the shipping labels.

ANSWER: yes 06 models that have been barely used. I know they are light weight. If you read reviews on them they are rated very high. Great bearings which is very important. Mavic has always made a great wheel. If you want to call me you can at 616-994-6164 or 616-554-7890 Paul

QUESTION: still didn't get my question answered. Specifically, a, is this an aluminum frame and, b, I'd like to know what it weighs. All I'm asking is that you stand on a scale with it to get the weight.

ANSWER: The frame is aluminum with fork carbon, seat post carbon, levers carbon, tri bars carbon. Weight approximately 18 lbs.

QUESTION: would like to know what your best offer is fully equipped and without the wheels. I can move quickly on payment if needed. Also, I will pay for the shipping with my FedEx account vs. the $50 rate advertised.

ANSWER: I already told you what it is. Not going any lower. I will sell it in pieces if I need to and make even more I just do not want to go through that yet.

QUESTION: Is the bike still avaliable? I live in Jersey and would be able to come pick it up?

ANSWER: Yes it is still available but I have someone coming to check it out Later this week and one other person who recently inquired. Thanks Paul

QUESTION: I am very interested in this bike. It is exactly what I am looking for and I will buy it right now. I used to ride an FELT F75 that was a 58. I am 6' tall and I have long legs and I just want to make sure that this bike will fit. Is the fitting of a TT bike hugely different from that of a Road. Obviously, I am aware that they are a different feel, but as far as sizing goes I just want to be sure.

ANSWER: Hi, you can call me at 616-836-1567. Wheels are sold but I can put a new set of wheels on and work something out if you like. I can even look at taking some of the other components off also. Thanks Paul

QUESTION: Is the bike is still avaliable and what wheel options do you have for the bike? Thanks Jeff



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Transition Tri


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